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Coach Adam

CoPilot personal trainer since 2023
Coach Adam
My name is Coach Adam, and my fitness journey began with a desire for proper guidance. My inspiration came from young fitness influencers on YouTube, but I quickly realized I needed proper guidance. This led me to pursue a degree in exercise science and nutrition. Today, my mission is to offer the support and knowledge that I once sought. I thrive on forging genuine connections and witnessing the transformative growth of every person I work with. Let's embark on this fitness adventure together!
BS Exercise Science & Nutrition
Certified Personal Trainer
7+ years experience in person and virtual training
General Fitness
Body Building
Injury Prevention
Traveling and experiencing new cultures
Playing video games/watching Anime
Spending quality time with friends and loved ones
America - New York
More about
Coach Adam
More about Coach Adam
Additional specialties:
Healthy eating
Overall health
Mobility & flexibility
Strength training
Weight management
Additional experience:
Older populations
Plus-size populations
Body dysmorphia
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Coach Adam
Having my CoPilot coach, who is consistently positive, high energy, and empathetic, guide my fitness journey has been fantastic. Not only did they provide the encouragement and motivation I needed, but they also offered the right support to help me rehabilitate an injury. They're just great!
CoPilot client since Oct 14, 2023
CoPilot client since
CoPilot client since
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