Fitness that's more than a fling

1-on-1 fitness coach to help make long-term positive changes for a healthier life.

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"This service is awesome, for the first time something works for me as good as if a personal trainer would come to my home 🙂 Keeps me accountable and motivated."
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Constant contact, always accountable

Your coach provides workouts, motivation, and nutrition support through unlimited video calls and chat.

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Don't think about it — just show up

Beginner or pro, living room or gym. Your coach crafts weekly workout plans tailored to your equipment and goals.

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Like your coach is right there with you

We analyze your motion to give live pacing and form feedback on over 1200 exercises.

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The most affordable coach on the planet

Just $69/month after a 14-day FREE trial. Cancel anytime.


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What exactly am I getting?

You’ll get unlimited 1-on-1 fitness and nutrition coaching from your dedicated CoPilot coach — chatting with your coach everyday and getting a personalized set of workouts every week. When you do a workout, our technology will guide you through each movement, and your coach will follow-up with encouragement and feedback.

How much does it cost?

CoPilot is only $69 per month (for a limited time only) for unlimited fitness and nutrition coaching! Personal trainers and nutrition coaches typically cost more than $500 per month.

What equipment do I need?

Nothing! Your coach is trained to help you live a better life with as much, or as little equipment as you have.

Do I need access to a gym?

Nope! Your coach will build a personalized plan for you whether you're at home, on the go, or at a gym.

Do I choose my coach?

Absolutely! We'll suggest a few coaches who have skills and backgrounds that best align with your goals and you get to choose who to work with. You can also switch coaches at any time.


"CoPilot changed my life. Thanks Nate!"
"It's by far the most personalized and motivating way to workout I have ever experienced. I'm making so much progress!"
"I've had great results with it so far"
"Because I’ve seen results both in weight loss and in my overall strength. It is the most convenient way to get a tailored, challenging workout."
"This is the most consistently I’ve worked out in years, and it’s because of the accountability that CoPilot provides"
"The support you give, the communication, the service. Everything about CoPilot"

"It is the easiest way to workout for someone who knows nothing about exercising. I don’t have to leave the house, Nate always answers all my questions, it makes something I thought I could never do possible."
"Service and the workouts are really good. Cody has been doing a great job. I like that I can get a great exercise that’s right sized for me without having to spend time designing my own workouts."
"I don't have to go to the gym and it's flexible and contemporary as far as the tech."
"I love the program and Tom has been very helpful whenever I have questions"
"Trainers are great"
"Because it works very well for my life and I have recommended it to friends. I just know that it's not right for everyone I know."
"I would not be exercising at all without CoPilot. This service really has changed my lifestyle for the better"
"I feel like I’m getting an incredible value. I’ve probably worked out more in the last two months than I did all of 2020."
"1) Tom is the best personal trainer. 2) The watch service allows me to just focus on my workout."
"Trainer is awesome, gives me accountability"
"This service idea is awesome, for the first time something works for me as good as if personal trainer would come to my home 🙂 Keeps me accountable and motivated."
"To not have to think about planning my own workouts reduces the stress associated with gym time for me. I can always add on an exercise or take it away if need be and my trainer and I plan around my physical therapy."
"This service has become the route to a turning point in my life that I never saw attainable beforehand; having the access to trainers in a non-gym environment allowed me to stretch my confidence levels that I wouldn’t see at a brick and mortar location."
"This service is incredible. My personal trainer is active with me, works with my hectic life, and designs workouts for me. Weekly. That’s insane."
"CoPilot is innovative, easy to use, and personalized. If you’re like me and you hate talking to people, but would still benefit from a personal trainer, this is absolutely the way to go."
"This service is amazing. It’s the fitness service that actually works! Look no further you have found it."
"Real trainers, inexpensive compared to in-person trainers, real results. You get a free Apple Watch. The trainers work you hard, but it’s worth it."
"My trainer is awesome! Always quick to respond to my workout submissions with feedback and to any questions! Love this service!!"
"LOVE the workouts and my trainer. Helped me step out of my comfort zone and take working out to the next level."
"Amazing service with a good purpose. Developer and trainer are extremely responsive and helpful with any issues occurred along the way!"
"I am satisfied with CoPilot. The service works great, and my trainer is fantastic, friendly and I trust him."
"But since CoPilot I’ve worked out for 3 weeks consistently, my boyfriend and I have already noticed my legs and arms becoming stronger, and I have a ton of energy."
"I feel that I’m getting the benefits of a personal trainer without the hassle while working out from the comforts of my home."