What are we all about?

Here’s something you don’t hear a lot: You don't have to love working out.
Not everyone does. And that’s ok.

To say otherwise only perpetuates the myth that fitness is for the few. The gym bros. The ride tribes. The folks with all the time, money and flexibility to do a 30-day “life-changing” program.

We’re not about that life. We’re about lifestyle. Yours, specifically.

At CoPilot, we believe fitness is about more than getting ripped.
We believe that fitness is foundational. A means to achieve what we want out of life. A lifelong journey that’s much more manageable, enjoyable and sustainable with an experienced guide along for the ride.

We believe that change—real, lasting change—is achieved through a series of small daily choices that stack up to lifelong habits. And that it’s much easier to make those choices with a partner by your side.
We believe fitness is for everyone. For every body. For life.

That’s why we created a one-on-one coaching platform that pairs members with fitness coaches—actual human coaches—to form lasting lifestyle changes. An expert partner to guide you. Someone you can ask, without judgement, what the hell a Burpee is. And a super cool experience with motion-sense technology that tells you, in real-time, if you’re doing it right.

With CoPilot, you can be a first-timer, you can be a long-timer. You can hit the gym, you can hit the home office. You can train for 15 minutes, you can train for 50. You can be a parent, you can be a student, you can be both.

You can be you. And we’ll run with that.