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Coach Kara

CoPilot personal trainer since 2023
Coach Kara
Hi, I’m Coach Kara. My passion for exercise began during my first experience with Tae Bo and soccer at a young age, and I played soccer for 15 years. I believe that along with exercise, holistic wellness strategies are the best way to achieve and maintain a healthy body, mind and soul, and live your best life. I believe that exercise doesn’t have to be a daunting task, and I pride myself on making training sessions fun, yet challenging, educational and, most importantly, effective!
BS Exercise Science
Certified Personal Trainer
Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Strength & Conditioning
Functional Training
Weight Loss
America - Los Angeles
More about
Coach Kara
More about Coach Kara
Additional specialties:
Overall health
Mental wellness
Sports performance
Strength training
Weight management
Additional experience:
Pre/postnatal mothers
Older populations
Body dysmorphia
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Coach Kara
CoPilot has been a game changer for me, instilling confidence and extending my knowledge of exercises, all the while helping me conquer mental blocks. My coach is incredibly flexible and ensures my workouts are customized to my needs, like regaining strength and mobility in my knees. It's more than just workouts; it's about a sincere relationship where I can be honest and feel supported. She is truly amazing!
CoPilot client since Sep 21, 2023
Kara, my CoPilot coach, is the gem I never knew I needed on my fitness journey. I appreciate her support, encouragement, and responsive attitude, especially when she adapts workouts based on my feedback and work schedule. She's simply incredible, going above and beyond to ensure my experience is tailor-made and enjoyable.
CoPilot client since Oct 05, 2023
My CoPilot coach has been instrumental in reshaping workouts based on my feedback, helping me maintain a 70-day streak, something totally imaginable before. Her willingness to rework exercises to suit my personal needs is absolutely the best part about her. Enrolling in this has been truly beneficial, I now observe positive transformations in my habits, and her encouragement continues to fuel these changes.
CoPilot client since Oct 04, 2023
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