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Coach Jay

CoPilot personal trainer since 2023
Coach Jay
Hi I'm Coach Jacinta, but please call me Jay! I have been helping clients feel their best for the last 5 years as a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach. Growing up, I was an athlete, which sparked my love for feeling strong and helping others do the same. Becoming a mother inspired me to become a trainer. My life changed when my body no longer allowed me to do what I wanted to do, and my time and priorities had to shift drastically. It was hard to find myself again, but when I did, I made it my mission to help people prioritize their health and find their confidence again. I believe healthy living looks different for everyone and I am dedicated to helping you find the lifestyle that works best for you!
5+ years Personal Training
B.S. in Exercise Science
Pain Free Performance Strength Coach
Functional Strength Training
Prenatal & Postpartum Fitness
Playing volleyball
Spending time with my family
America - New York
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Coach Jay
More about Coach Jay
Additional specialties:
Overall health
Quality of life
Strength training
Weight management
Healthy eating
Additional experience:
Pre/postnatal mothers
Older populations
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Coach Jay
Accountability and knowledge are the key ways my coach at CoPilot has helped me, always providing modified exercises to fit my capabilities. The most impressive thing is her understanding and encouragement, even when I miss a workout. Her attentiveness has been commendable, always getting back to me in no time and even sending videos for better understanding of modified workouts.
CoPilot client since Nov 20, 2023
Jay, my CoPilot coach, has been incredible in helping me maintain consistency in my fitness regime amidst a hectic lifestyle of college and work. Her understanding nature allows for flexibility with my often unpredictable schedule, ensuring workouts fit seamlessly into my calendar. Furthermore, she is not just a coach, but a great teacher who is quick to offer advice or share informative videos to improve my form and technique, ensuring both safety and efficiency in my exercises.
CoPilot client since Dec 12, 2023
I'm truly lucky to have a coach who is not only dedicated and knowledgeable, but also patient and kind. She is always there to answer my questions and even sends me videos demonstrating correct form - a testament to her deep understanding and commitment. Furthermore, her easygoing nature makes our interactions utterly enjoyable.
CoPilot client since Dec 04, 2023
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