Coach corner: 7 Time-saving tips to eat more fruits and vegetables
June 1, 2022

If you’re reading this, you probably want to up your fruit and veggie game. Making healthy choices during our day can be tricky. We’re used to the way we eat and what’s convenient. Our coaches are here to help you. Check out their tips and tricks for eating more fruits and vegetables. 

CoPilot habit coach maria
Coach Maria

I love buying foods with servings of veggies mixed in, like spinach wraps or veggie noodles. It’s like getting a bonus dose of my greens. 

CoPilot habit coach Allison
Coach Allison

Look for foods that look good to you! I tend to gravitate towards lots of colors (eat the rainbow). Be open to trying new fruits and veggies if something is on sale. That’s how my clients have discovered new foods they enjoy. 

CoPilot habit coach Grace
Coach Grace

I splurge on already cut-up veggies and fruits, so they are super easy to access and readily available in the refrigerator. The more convenient food is, the more likely I am to eat it. 

CoPilot habit coach Lindsay
Coach Lindsay

I pair fruit with peanut butter. Try it with apples, bananas, dates, and strawberries (on toast). And veggies with hummus like cucumbers, peppers, celery, and carrots. I'm against broccoli generally, but it is an option if you're a broccoli fan.   

CoPilot habit coach Caylene
Coach Caylene

I buy prepared salads because they have tasty add-ins, and all I have to do is grab a fork. I also add veggies like spinach or riced cauliflower in my smoothies. The flavors can get masked by the other ingredients, so it’s a great way to eat those items if you're not a fan of the taste. 

CoPilot habit coach Devyn
Coach Devyn

Begin by prioritizing consistency by leveraging convenient options such as frozen or canned fruits and frozen, canned, or microwaveable vegetables. Once eating these foods becomes a regular part of your life, consider mixing things up and adding more fresh options.

CoPilot habit coach Ken
Coach Ken

I pick out my favorite colors and decide each day which color to have Ex. Monday is red food (grapes), and Tuesday is yellow food (banana). Enjoy a rainbow of food to get a variety of nutrients. 

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