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Coach Melissa

CoPilot personal trainer since 2022
Coach Melissa
Hi! I'm Coach Melissa. Most people call me Coach Mel. I am very passionate about health and fitness, and I have been a certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist since 2011. Growing up as an athlete, I developed a passion for helping others lead healthy lifestyles after my personal struggles with thyroid and autoimmune disease. I have worked with many clients of all ages to help them lead healthy lifestyles and not only reach but maintain their health and wellness goals.
MS Sport & Performance Psychology
ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
TRX Certified Trainer
Autoimmune Health
Women's Fitness
My 2 kids
Watching movies
America - New York
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Coach Melissa
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Coach Melissa
I absolutely appreciate how my coach at CoPilot, Mel, always listens to me, challenges me and keeps me accountable especially regarding form questions. It's simply great working with her!
CoPilot client since Dec 27, 2020
The positive personality and realness of my CoPilot coach, Mel, have truly stood out for me. Mel has managed to keep me motivated and accountable while flexibly adjusting workouts to match my motivation level, which has been incredibly helpful!
CoPilot client since Feb 15, 2022
Mel, my coach at CoPilot, has been an incredibly supportive cheerleader, constantly motivating me to progress and remaining collaborative even during my setbacks. Her positivity and realism in coaching, combined with her openness to feedback and ideas, make my workouts enjoyable and motivating. I genuinely feel lucky to have such an enthusiastic and supportive coach like Mel.
CoPilot client since Jul 03, 2022
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