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Coach Lauren

CoPilot personal trainer since 2023
Coach Lauren
Hi, I'm Coach Lauren! I have been an athlete all my life, which is how my interest in fitness began. My passion is helping others achieve their full potential and gain mental and physical self-confidence. I have worked with a diverse group of clients, and I love helping them figure out the best plan specifically for them. I want my clients to build the kind of confidence where they feel like they can accomplish anything! I enjoy building connections with my clients so they truly feel like they have someone on their team pushing them to succeed.
BS Psychology
Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Nutrition Coach
Functional Training
Women's Fitness
Sports Coaching
Taking my dogs for long walks
Playing slowpitch softball
America - Chicago
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Coach Lauren
More about Coach Lauren
Additional specialties:
Sports performance
Healthy eating
Mental wellness
Weight management
Strength training
Additional experience:
Plus-size populations
Body dysmorphia
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Coach Lauren
With incredible encouragement and an understanding spirit, my coach provides excellent feedback on form while motivating me consistently. She compellingly works with me to find the best exercises, pushing me just a touch further each time, ensuring my rapid response with her high energy. Her qualities genuinely redefine my fitness journey!
CoPilot client since Feb 05, 2023
My CoPilot coach's custom workouts have wonderfully adapted to my life, each change meaning another engaging and enjoyable exercise routine. Her positivity and encouragement are nothing short of inspiring, making 2023 the year I've been most consistent with my workouts.
CoPilot client since Jan 25, 2023
CoPilot client since
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