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Coach Dana

CoPilot personal trainer since 2023
Coach Dana
Hi! I'm Coach Dana. I've grown more and more passionate about health and wellness as I've experienced the positive impact lifting and sport has had on my own confidence and resilience. This led me to coaching and becoming a certified strength and conditioning specialist. I'm a competitive rugby player with a history of three ACL surgeries, which also contributed to my passion for injury risk reduction through strength training! Through my experience as an athlete and coach, I've grown to understand how we are constantly changing and adapting. I aim to ride the wild wave that is life with you, and help you take care of YOU.
BA Organizational Behavior
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Strength & Conditioning
Female Athletes
Mindset Coaching
Live music
Scuba diving
Europe - Malta
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Coach Dana
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Strength training
Sports performance
Mental wellness
Overall health
Mobility & flexibility
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Coach Dana
The renewed focus on strength and the need for continuous improvement that my coach instilled in me is something I truly appreciate about CoPilot. Additionally, the exceptional support I receive from her is the best aspect of this service. She really is great!
CoPilot client since Jun 21, 2022
Working out has become much easier and surprisingly fun, thanks to CoPilot! My coach, Dana, is fantastic and ensures that my workouts are pain-free by offering modifications. Not only that, she provides excellent resources and is an absolute pleasure to communicate with.
CoPilot client since Sep 22, 2023
CoPilot client since
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