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Coach Cody

CoPilot personal trainer since 2020
Coach Cody
Hello, I’m Cody. Since becoming a certified personal trainer, I’ve helped over 700 clients reach their fitness goals and improve their overall health. My exercise science training gives me the tools to properly train clients and my education background gives me the ability to communicate, relate, and motivate each individual client. I thrive on building lifelong relationships with clients, believing that to achieve maximum results, we must build a truly meaningful and trusting relationship. I’m excited to partner with you.
15 years training
NPTI Certified
General Health & Wellness
Functional Training for All Ages
Strength Training
Playing music
America - New York
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Coach Cody
More about Coach Cody
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Overall health
Quality of life
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Plus-size populations
Older populations
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Coach Cody
Cody, my CoPilot coach, has been a phenomenal influence, providing invaluable insights and encouragement in a friendly, buddy-like manner. He has greatly positively impacted my experience and I am incredibly grateful to have been paired with him from the very start. His constant support and positivity is truly appreciated; he certainly knows how to treat a client!
CoPilot client since Dec 19, 2020
"Cody's guidance and personalized routines have led me to make real progress, as his constructive feedback helps direct my performance towards perfection. The accountability factor in our excellent partnership cannot be overstated. He masterfully builds positive relationships and remains a steadfast guide. Truly the best - it's regrettable that not everyone might have the chance to benefit from his expertise due to limited availability."
CoPilot client since Dec 21, 2020
For three years, Cody has consistently provided me with encouragement after every workout, which has guided me to lose nearly 10 pounds, making me leaner than ever at 50. His supportive nature is unwavering - I've never been lectured for missing a workout, only provided helpful advice when requested. Plus, his fondness for cats is an added bonus! His dedication is truly appreciated.
CoPilot client since Dec 19, 2020
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