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Coach Celina

CoPilot personal trainer since 2022
Coach Celina
Hi, I’m Coach Celina. My interest in healthy living began in high school and developed into a passion as I worked towards my BS in Exercise Science. Since graduating, I’ve worked in various roles in the health field, including cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, chiropractic neurology, corporate wellness, and more recently as a health and fitness coach. I enjoy understanding and connecting with others. Each person’s story interests me. As a coach, I believe in a reciprocal relationship; for as much as I have to share, I also have to learn. I look forward to hearing about your unique journey thus far and helping you take the next steps towards your wellness goals.
4 years training
BS Exercise Physiology
Injury Prevention
Holistic Health and Wellness
The beach
Playing music
America - New York
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Coach Celina
More about Coach Celina
Additional specialties:
Healthy eating
Overall health
Strength training
Quality of life
Reducing fatigue
Additional experience:
Older populations
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Coach Celina
Through closely-tailored workouts, Celina has significantly improved my health, enabling me to use stairs and hike again, despite my previous challenges with exercise. Her availability, knowledge, and the ability to modify exercises have been instrumental in my steady strength gains. Beyond her technical skills, it's her sweet, patient, and compassionate nature that makes her the perfect match for me!
CoPilot client since Apr 14, 2022
Celina is understanding of my busy schedule as a working mom, always finding ways to encourage me to make time for my workouts, which are perfectly tailored to meet my needs. I feel both physically and mentally stronger under her coaching. Her prompt responses, heads up on any expected delays, and challenging workout progression are invaluable. Moreover, she ensures a clear line of communication, especially when I'm ready to take the next step or change my routine, keeping us both on the same page.
CoPilot client since Feb 19, 2021
Working out with Celina has been a game changer for me; she creates personalized workouts that not only suit my preferences but also keeps my old back injury in check. Her constant encouragement and dedication keep me motivated and on track. Interacting with her is extremely enjoyable and she perfectly fulfills my needs in a coach.
CoPilot client since Jan 25, 2021
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