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Coach Carissa

CoPilot personal trainer since 2023
Coach Carissa
Hey there, I’m Coach Carissa! I’m a certified personal trainer with over five years of coaching experience in a variety of formats. I’ve worked with a diverse group of clients, from young athletes to seniors. I believe fitness is an integral part of every person’s life--no matter their abilities--and physical wellness is rooted in daily habits such as how we sit, sleep and move. I understand that the body, mind and spirit weave together seamlessly to constitute our overall health. I want to create a comprehensive wellness routine that will meet you wherever you are! Most of all, my goal is to help you realize and harness the power you have to take care of yourself, learn, grow and make healthy changes.
5+ years of personal training/group fitness experience
Reiki Level 1 practitioner
B.A. in Women's Studies
Olympic Weightlifting
Strength & Conditioning
Mindfulness Work
My cat, Magpie
Astrology and Tarot
Video Games
America - New York
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Coach Carissa
More about Coach Carissa
Additional specialties:
Strength training
Sports performance
Quality of life
Mobility & flexibility
Mental wellness
Additional experience:
Older populations
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Coach Carissa
Having my CoPilot coach feels like gaining a supportive friend who understands my past struggles with body image. She goes above and beyond, consistently making me feel heard throughout my fitness journey. Her guidance, which includes building my confidence back up, is invaluable to me. It's incredible how she's had such a positive impact on many aspects of my life; I absolutely adore her!
CoPilot client since Nov 08, 2023
Thanks to Carissa's help, I've become more accountable and consistent with my workouts, and I even look forward to them now! She works with me, understands me, and her great energy is just infectious. I think she's fantastic - so much so, I can't stop raving about her to my friends!
CoPilot client since Nov 06, 2023
Thanks to my coach's expertise in creating a challenging yet manageable workout plan, I've been consistently exercising four times a week for six whole weeks, seeing considerable improvements in my fitness. Her kindness, encouragement, and exceptional knowledge have not only built my confidence but also transformed my relationship with exercise. Indeed, working with her has been an incredibly rewarding experience.
CoPilot client since Nov 03, 2023
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