How I finally got back in shape

July 28, 2021

I was at a low point. All of my life, I considered myself fit and active. The idea of a long hike or an evening bike ride only filled me with excitement, not dread. But time and health robbed me of these simple joys I used to share with my spouse.

For a long time, I thought the only answer to getting back into shape was the gym. The prospect of driving twenty minutes out of my way every day after a long day of work was all the excuse I needed not to sign up for one. Instead, I wallowed in the idea that there was no going back. Those days of nice walks with my spouse were over.

Not being able to share time outside with my spouse was hard enough, but I started to notice my lack of fitness hampered my everyday life. Stairs all of a sudden became formidable problems. Walking our dog, Mr. Snuffles, became an ordeal. Routine chores around the house and outside had to be stretched out and elongated to not tire me out too quickly.

It became painfully clear to me that something needed to change. If I made a list of reasons why it'd be almost endless. I mainly felt that it wasn't fair. Not taking the time to get myself in better shape wasn't fair to my husband, who loved me no matter what but was being denied activities with me that we both once enjoyed. And not putting in the effort wasn't fair to myself.

Knowing that I didn't want to drive to the gym every day after work, I bought at-home equipment. At first, I was enthusiastic and embraced this opportunity to work out in a comfortable, familiar setting. However, that only lasted so long.

Complacency and excuses started to creep back in because nothing and no one held me accountable. I love my husband and how supportive he is but hated that he seemed unable to hold me to task. He wouldn't give me any grief when I skipped days or didn't eat right. It wasn't his responsibility, though. Despite knowing that, it caused tension in our relationship.

Back to the weight and shape, I was in when the problems first started, I didn't know what to do. I was on the verge of completely giving up. That was when a friend from work referred me to a website belonging to a company offering digital one-on-one personal trainers.

At first, I thought it was just another fad. How was this any different than the countless online workouts available with a simple search engine query? I didn't know it at the time, but this was the start of my journey back to the life I wanted to reclaim.

Mandy, my coach, didn't lay out a long list of equipment I needed. It was built around what I had available. And that went for my schedule as well.

I no longer had to worry about trying to fit in working out around the hectic schedule of the modern world. That flexibility made me feel more comfortable, knowing that I would get in a session at a time that worked best for me.

One of the things that held me back for so long was not seeing fast results. I’d try to diet or follow a workout plan but be dismayed with the lack of feedback, the lack of something backing up the notion that what I was doing was productive. In conjunction with my everyday devices, Mandy’s program helped me track a myriad of data points. Though they included the basics like heart rate and burned calories, they also included more detailed data to improve each exercise. So I could see the progress in the data before I saw it in my body. That helped me stick it out a bit longer to the point where I really started to see results.

Instead of feeling like a boring mechanical process, I felt like me and my workouts were evolving. And the results quickly made themselves apparent.

It wasn't long before I noticed that I could play a little longer with my kids without needing a break. Eventually, I didn't need one at all. Trips up and down the stairs turned back into routine everyday tasks. Chores were finished quickly and without much physical expenditure.

I started going on walks again with my spouse. One day, I almost cried when I looked at my smartwatch and realized that we had been walking for over three miles, and I was breathing just as hard as I would sitting on the couch. I was back!

Not satisfied with returning to a previous status quo, I found myself striving for more. I continued with Mandy's program to try and push my boundaries even further. That didn't just apply to physical fitness. The discipline I learned through the program showed results in every aspect of my life.

More than anything, I wanted to share my story to inspire others. I thought my goals were unobtainable. But thanks to CoPilot and my newfound willpower, I learned that anything was possible. If I can do it, so can you!

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