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Coach Jake

CoPilot personal trainer since 2023
Coach Jake
Hi, I'm Coach Jake, and I specialize in corrective exercise and nutrition. Growing up in Florida, I explored a variety of unique martial arts styles and music. I moved to Wisconsin in 2008 and wrestled for 2 years. That's when I discovered weight lifting and the importance of injury management. In 2012, I started a Kung Fu Club instructing Wing Chun at an MMA gym on my college campus. Later, I became a certified personal trainer to help others achieve powerful breakthroughs. I value an 80/20 "little bites" approach to fitness and believe the best workout is the one you'll do! You can expect simple strategies and accessible hacks that help us fortify our lives with acceptance and mindful awareness. When I'm not training, I enjoy performing with my amazing partner in a fire flow arts troupe and blasting the drums with touring bands--while she captures breathtaking concert photography! I feel so lucky to support you on this journey and I'm very excited to celebrate these daily wins together.
7+ years Personal Training
Corrective Exercise Specialist
Certified Nutrition Coach
Bodyweight & Strength Training
Injury Prevention
Martial Arts
Playing drums
Relaxing with my partner and our cats
America - Chicago
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Coach Jake
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Strength training
Quality of life
Mobility & flexibility
Overall health
Healthy eating
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Coach Jake
"From helping me select the right exercises to answering all my queries with absolute clarity, my coach at CoPilot has been amazingly positive and supportive. I absolutely love the guy!"
CoPilot client since Nov 17, 2023
The dedication, enthusiasm, and vibrant personality of my coach have played a significant role in my fitness journey. Truly, that's the best thing about them!
CoPilot client since Nov 20, 2023
Jake, my CoPilot coach, wonderfully matches my silly goose energy, listening and responding with relevant and well-considered solutions. CoPilot, please give him a raise!
CoPilot client since Nov 19, 2023
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