February 1, 2024
Coach corner: 11 Ways to unwind at night and sleep better
CoPilot Coaches

Our coaches want to help you unwind by sharing their go-to relaxation tips. Snuggle up with a blanket and dim the lights as we dive into their nighttime self care routines. 

CoPilot habit coach Allison
Coach Allison

I love setting the vibe with low lights, candles, and soft tunes. I’ll do the legs up the wall yoga pose while taking slow deep breaths down into my belly button. It’s zen time. 

copilot habit coach devyn
Coach Devyn

For those of us who sit a lot during the day, I recommend unwinding with the stretches. Some of my favorites are hip flexor stretches, pigeon pose, figure four, and child’s pose. 

copilot habit coach tatiana
Coach Tatiana

If I'm going all the way, a nice relaxing bubble bath with candles sets the mood. Then, I mix up a little yoga flow of down dog, pigeon pose, figure four, and child's pose.

copilot habit coach ryan
Coach Ryan

I unwind by moving my arms, legs, and torso into positions that feel good and be mindful of those positions. Tuning in to your body can be powerful. 

cpilot habit coach jackie
Coach Jackie

As a runner and someone who sits a lot for work, my most sore muscles are my back and calves. I love cat-cow, standing calf stretches, or anything with the foam roller!

copilot habit coach dante
Coach Dante

For somebody who sits a lot more than they used to, hip flexor stretches are big go-tos for me.

copilot habit coach dylan
Coach Dylan

Child's pose and the cobra stretch are my go to stretches to relax before bed! 

copilot habit coach caylene
Coach Caylene

Shavasana or corpse pose, which is simply lying flat on your back with your eyes closed and practicing deep breathing always helps me quiet my mind before bed.

copilot habit coach ken
Coach Ken

I like doing hip flexor stretches and cat-cow pose while doing mindful breathing. 

copilot habit coach maria
Coach Maria

My nighttime ritual is doing legs up the wall yoga pose. It helps melt away the tension of the day.

copilot habit coach lindsay
Coach Lindsay

If you sit often or drive a lot - try stretching your hips and butt! Personally, I like hip flexor stretches and pigeon pose.

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